CDL Training and What To Expect

It’s that time in your life where you want to explore changing careers, and the siren call of the road has become hard to resist. It could be you simply find the idea of life on the road appealing, or that you want a good-paying career without spending years in college. For whatever reason you

A Women’s Guide to the Highway

Women currently make up a big part of America’s workforce. While some are climbing the corporate ladder, a few hardened ladies tackle the highways as a trucker. Like many women on the road, female truckers make up less than 6% in the industry. While many women may see the idea of hitting the road for

Safety on the Road

For a lot of truck drivers, life is a highway. It’s cross-country, miles of asphalt, and lousy food at truck stops. There are also short nights at junky hotels or the mattress in your cab. It also offers a sense of freedom as it’s you and your rig, being one with the road. Being a
Regardless of the industry, starting a new job is always a challenge. And it gets even tougher when it involves operating heavy machinery. So, if you’re venturing into the world of hauling trailers, congratulations on taking the giant leap into an exciting new career! Now that you’re all set to tackle trucking assignments, it’s important
As the number of COVID-19 cases continue to rise across the nation, the need to stay safe and sanitized becomes even greater. In these uncertain times, truckers are tasked with the daily delivery of groceries, medical supplies and other essential products around the country. Truckers have to drive countless hours every day mostly locked up
Even as there are newer and faster methods of transport, the trucking industry is seeing monumental growth and remains the major means of moving goods state-to-state in the US. In fact, over 70% of goods are transported by trucks to their final destination. However, this growth in the trucking industry hasn’t come without challenges. In
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When it comes to hauling cargo, it seems like everyone else on the road is “trying to get you.” If you’ve ever thought that, then you’re not far off. The reality is that 81% of tractor trailer accidents are caused by the passenger vehicle’s driver, and not the trucker. Since we can’t control what other
Every trucker knows the importance of the official safety checklist: tires, lights, brakes, mirrors, reflectors, and more. It’s something that gets done and needs checking before every haul. Though in today’s world, that’s simply not enough. So, in lieu of that, here are 27 tips and tricks for truck driver safety:
Some of the largest American transportation and safety organizations are now realizing the value of including a pulsing brake light on vehicles. Atop the list is the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA), National Tank Truck Carriers (NTTC), and the American Trucking Association (ATA). If you did not know, the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration
Over the last 100+ years, automobile safety has set some major milestones. Even before Ford’s Model T in 1908, we were already improving safety for the world’s most dangerous sport...


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