Frequently Asked Questions

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The lights will default back to normal operation, and continue to function, just without the pulsing cycle.

It works with all trailers that have a nose box.

We have another module in production to accommodate straight trucks and flat bed trailers without a nose box.

No, it does not.

Intellistop maintains power on the red wire during the pulsing cycle. We do this because the red wire is the backup to the ABS should the ABS fail.

Yes, flashing or strobing is illegal without a special circumstance. Intellistop doesn’t do either: Intellistop maintains the burn at all times by pulsing (not flashing, blinking or strobing).

There is always power on the wire while the brake pedal is activated.

Yes, with a multimillion dollar policy. (read more)

Yes, it absolutely can.

NHTSA has proven that pulsing brake lights can give trailing drivers up to an extra second of reaction time, and that 1 extra second of reaction time can reduce rear-end collisions by up to 90%.

Arkansas, USA.

All modules are hand-wired, hand-wrapped, and hand-tested to ensure exceptional quality, use custom-programmed high-tech microprocessors, and are backed by a 5-year warranty.


Intellistop works with all LED and incandescent bulbs.


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Intellistop is a patent-pending product in the USA. It is also manufactured in the USA where it is hand-wired, hand-wrapped, and hand-tested to ensure exceptional quality.


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