Refund & Return Policy

Please read through the following information thoroughly before submitting a claim


To be eligible for a return or exchange, you must have a copy of the invoice or receipt from the order. Our refund and returns policy lasts for 5 years from the date of purchase. If 5 years has passed since your purchase, we can no longer offer you a full refund or exchange.

Please keep the damaged module for now, as you will need to send your purchase back to the manufacturer.


Intellistop does not offer refunds for its products—only returns and exchanges.

Returns & Exchanges

Intellistop offers replacement parts in the case of any manufacturer defects. Our return policy does not cover equipment which has been improperly installed, and does not cover the cost of labor involved with installation or removal of the Intellistop module.

Improper installation of the module often results in device fault or failure. Please be sure to follow our detailed instructions for proper installation of your Intellistop module.


If the Intellistop module was given as a gift, you cannot enact a return or exchange. Only the original purchaser may request a return or exchange.

If your product was free, then no returns or exchanges are allowed for said product.

Begin a Return or Exchange

If you have read through the above information, please get your documentation ready and submit this form to begin your return or exchange.



    Company Name:

    Date of purchase:

    Please attach at least 1 image of the module installed on the vehicle (8mb limit per file):


    Intellistop is a patent-pending product in the USA. It is also manufactured in the USA where it is hand-wired, hand-wrapped, and hand-tested to ensure exceptional quality.


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