A Women’s Guide to the Highway

Women currently make up a big part of America’s workforce. While some are climbing the corporate ladder, a few hardened ladies tackle the highways as a trucker. Like many women on the road, female truckers make up less than 6% in the industry. While many women may see the idea of hitting the road for
Regardless of the industry, starting a new job is always a challenge. And it gets even tougher when it involves operating heavy machinery. So, if you’re venturing into the world of hauling trailers, congratulations on taking the giant leap into an exciting new career! Now that you’re all set to tackle trucking assignments, it’s important
Even as there are newer and faster methods of transport, the trucking industry is seeing monumental growth and remains the major means of moving goods state-to-state in the US. In fact, over 70% of goods are transported by trucks to their final destination. However, this growth in the trucking industry hasn’t come without challenges. In
When it comes to hauling cargo, it seems like everyone else on the road is “trying to get you.” If you’ve ever thought that, then you’re not far off. The reality is that 81% of tractor trailer accidents are caused by the passenger vehicle’s driver, and not the trucker. Since we can’t control what other